iPhone 5 Disappointment

Been looking forward to getting a new phone this fall - but it is not going to be an iPhone 5 apparently... -Disappointing! The iPhone 4S may be better than the previous model, but it still looks like a remote or a calculator. Maybe time to go back to SonyEricsson and get a new exciting and almost functional device every 6 months! Or is it time to go back to a phone with Microsoft OS. Don't like any of the alternatives, but staying with the iPhone 3GS now is just not OK for someone who loves new technology.


Hardware Secured Certificate Services Starting at €199

You setup a certificate authority in your domain to increase the level of security. But are you aware of the risks of not protecting the certificate authority’s keys? -If an attacker gets hold of the keys, the attacker has complete ownership of the domain, as all domain accounts can be impersonated.

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