iPhone 5 Disappointment

Been looking forward to getting a new phone this fall - but it is not going to be an iPhone 5 apparently... -Disappointing! The iPhone 4S may be better than the previous model, but it still looks like a remote or a calculator. Maybe time to go back to SonyEricsson and get a new exciting and almost functional device every 6 months! Or is it time to go back to a phone with Microsoft OS. Don't like any of the alternatives, but staying with the iPhone 3GS now is just not OK for someone who loves new technology.

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  1. So, guess what phone I ended up getting! –You guessed right, an iPhone 4S. I really love getting a new gadget and I especially like getting a new cell phone. Well, not so much this time. I got the iPhone because my colleagues decided to go for it, and I think it would be wise to have the same platform as the people that I work with. I followed the recommended process and backed up my old iPhone and restored the backup on the new one. It all worked perfectly. The result: fantastically boring. I got the same phone I had for the last three years or so, in a new case that I think is less attractive than the old one. But it is faster, has a better camera and it gives me Siri… Siri is however completely worthless is Sweden as she doesn’t know/have access to Swedish maps. So now I have to move back to the states! :-)