Less Content Makes a Great Web Site!

A nice and clean web site like this one http://www.wanglers.se looks great ! (Unfortunately the example I picked only have one page, so I guess the bounce rate must be very close to 100%… :-) But still, the point is that I prefer to visit very clean web sites with few links, no ads and not having to discover yet another “groundbreaking” menu navigation system. But I also have tons of content that I want to present on my web site... Maybe the days of building huge portals are over and we should just do separate pages and leave the navigation to the social networks. This is how I already surf the web most of the time: see something on twitter and click on it, determine that it is old news and back to twitter until the bus arrives or whatever reason I had for idling on twitter in the first place. –Just a thought and probably not a great SEO tactic.

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