Press Releases and Quotes

Lately I have been tasked with doing press releases for my company. It is very interesting work, but not really what they taught us at KTH (my university), at least not in the classes I took. So, trial and error, as usual! A lot of the “errors” have been around the quotes; how they are formulated, by whom and exactly how the syntax should be.
Today we issued a press release, with a quote from a very prominent person… myself. : -) See it here:

Just as I say in the press release, I am very excited about that we managed to make our demo easier to use, and that it is now quicker to get to test the important features. Of course the CEO likes that too, but maybe he is slightly less excited about the technical aspects, and we decided that a quote from me would be more fitting this time. Logical, but what is the correct way to do it? In some ways it is always most interesting with a statement from the CEO. If so, always get quotes from the CEO independent of the subject? Or should you use whoever has the highest klout score at a given time? I hope that there is no strict rule and that common sense is the way to do it, but I am not certain!   

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